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Welcome to my web site. Originally started in 2002, and re-designed in 2005, it has been 5 years since I refreshed this site, and as a result, many links have decome dead. These have been corrected as from July 20th, 2015. I also have many new fungi data to go in as a result of five more years of fungi forays, and I hope to finish editing new fungi images and new species by mid-2016. This is a big task, as I write my HTML/CSS/Javascript code by hand, in a text editor.

Bill Image Biography Brief Autobiography    

A summary of the main events of my life so far [1500 words].

Fungi Home Page Fungi Home Page - Main Portal    

Fungi and me - a work in progress - 650 images so far.

Trip Diary Cairns 2016 Trip Diary Caravanning from Melbourne to Cairns and back, 2016.    
from our 80-Day Caravan Trip to Cairns and Far North Queensland,
during winter, 2016 (in 27 Segments).
   PLEASE NOTE: Only Segments 1 and 2 are available at this time.

Experimental Slide Shows attempted from still shots taken in and around Cairns, Qld., by Bill and Glenyce Leithhead, during a midwinter caravan trip from Melbourne, Victoria, 2016.

Trip Diary WA 2001 Illustrated Diary of Caravan Trip to Western Australia and back, 2001    
from our 89-Day WA Wildflowers Caravan Trip,
Spring, 2001 (in 15 Segments).

Links Collected curiosities, oddities, memorabilia and useful links.    

Collected by myself from my internet surfing.
Bill Image

Confest Images from Confest in the 1990s    

Taken by myself from my attendances in Confest in 1990, 1991, 1997 and 1999..

Essays Some Essays    

Written From my Personal Experiences.

Photographic Essays Photographic Essays    

Images and words from my life.

Calligraphy Calligraphy written by me.    

Pieces of writing and poems I have felt impelled in the past to write in various forms of calligraphy. These days I have a hand tremor, which impedes such a pleasure.

Blogger Bill Blog Blogger Bill (revised new verson)    Opens in new browser window
My personal diary, commentaries and stories from my life.
From December 2nd, 2015.
  CAUTION: NOT all content is work-safe or suitable for children.

Music Music mp3 files.   

Recordings of my piano playing.

Showbiz Social Club ShowBiz Social Club   

A private social club for entertainers to which I belong.

Showbiz Social Club ShowBiz Social Club Collated Image Galleries for 2007 to 2013

   2007    2008    2009    2010    2011    2012    2013   

Western Australian Identified Wildflowers
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Bill Image Introduction

Group 1: Acacia to Calothamnus Group 1:  

Acacia to Calothamnus

Group 2: Cassia to Eucalyptus Group 2:  

Cassia to Eucalyptus

Group 3: Grevillea to Nemcia Group 3:  

Grevillea to Nemcia

Bill Image Group 4: Oligarrhena to Xanthosia Group 4:  

Oligarrhena to Xanthosia

Western Australian Mostly Unknown Wildflowers
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Unknown Group 1 Group 1

Unknown Group 2 Group 2

Bill Image Unknown Group 3 Group 3

Unknown Group 4 Group 4

Grampians Wildflowers Grampians Wildflowers  

taken about 2003.

Male and Female Molecules Chemistry  

Discovery of Male and Female Molecules - a humorous discourse.

Fay's Web Site My friend Fay's interesting and informative web site.