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Western Australian Wildflower Photos 2001
Group 4: Oligarrhena to Xanthosia
© William G. Leithhead 2006

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Yellow Feathery Flower, Le Grand
Oligarrhena micrantha, is related to the heaths (Ericaceae), and is native to WA. This was growing in gravel in Cape Le Grand National Park, near Esperance. There appear to be few other images on the net.  Cape le Grand National Park, near Esperance, WA, October, 2001.  21 kB 
Rose Banjine
Pimelea ferruginea (or P. rosea), the "Rose Banjine" or "Pink Rice Flower"is a low shrub common in WA in forests and near the coast from Perth to Albany. I cannot distinguish these species from the photos, and suspect hybrids occur. near the Windfarm, Albany, WA, October, 2001.  19 kB 
Mulla Mulla
Ptilotus exaltatus, the "Pink or Tall Mulla Mulla", is widespread in arid areas of all mainland states. But we hadn't seen it before. Near the Coral bay turnoff and Exmouth, WA, September 2001.  21 kB 
Daisy and Bee
Rhodanthe chlorocephala subsp rosea syn Helichrysum roseum (white form) (?), the "White Everlasting", is widespread in inland WA. This one is pinkish, but I think there are many hybrids. The bee landed conveniently for me to focus. Kings Park, WA, September 2001.  16 kB 
Boomerang Trigger Plant
Stylidium breviscapum subsp erythrocalyx, the "Boomerang Trigger Plant"; I think this is unique to the southwest WA . I was thrilled to discover this beautiful little plant just on the edge of a charming picnic spot. Picnic spot north of Bremer Bay where the South Coast Highway crosses the Pallinup River, WA, October, 2001.  36 kB 
Book Trigger Plant
Stylidium calcaratum, or "Book Trigger Plant", entwined with sundew leaves (Drosera spp). This trigger plant is widespread in the southwest of WA. It also occurs in Victoria and SA. Goldmine Hill, near North Dandelup, WA, September 2001.  30 kB 
Posy Trigger Plant
Stylidium crossocephalum, the "Posy Triggerplant", is unique to WA. Western Flora Caravan Park, WA, September 2001.  16 kB 
Yellow Mountain Trigger Plant
Stylidium galioides, the "Yellow Mountain Trigger Plant" growing in gravelly and rocky sites in the southwest of WA. Cape Le Grand National Park, near Esperance, WA, October, 2001.  29 kB 
Stylidium schoenoides, or "Cow Kicks". I'd like to know the origin of the common name if anyone knows! Does it look like a cow's hoofprint? Collie-Donnybrook region, WA, October, 2001.  22 kB 
Stylidium spp 1
Stylidium spp, a "Trigger Plant" which I can't identify properly. Any suggestions? Stirling Ranges, WA, September 2001.  16 kB 
Stylidium spp 2
Stylidium spp, another "Trigger Plant" which I can't identify. Can anyone help? Cape Le Grand National Park, near Esperance, WA, October, 2001.  11 kB 
Thelymitra nuda
Thelymitra nuda, (I think). One of several specimens I saw at Wave Rock, Hyden. One source refers to a "complex taxon" associated with the T. nuda-pauciflora complex, which grows elsewhere in Australia, too. Wave Rock, Hyden, WA, October, 2001.  12 kB 
Twining Fringe Lily
Thysanotus patersonii, the "Twining Fringe Lily" is widepread in inland parts of Australia. I found it prettily threading through some macrozamia palm fronds. Western Flora Caravan Park, Eneabba, WA, September 2001.  25 kB 
Claw Featherflower
Verticordia grandiflora, the "Claw Featherflower", has yellow flowers maturing to a copper-bronze colour. It likes WA sandy heathlands. (Note the grey smokebush in the background.) Alexander Morrison National Park, Coorow, WA, September 2001.  19 kB 
Scarlet Featherflower
Verticordia grandis, the "Scarlet Featherflower", which grows in woodlands and sandy heaths in southwestern WA. (In Latin, the name means "turns the heart".) Western Flora Caravan Park, Eneabba, WA, September, 2001.  13 kB 
Painted Featherflower
Verticordia picta, the "Painted Featherflower", is another of the Verticordia genus which, apart from 2 species, is unique to WA. Near Karlgarin, WA, October, 2001.  30 kB 
Southern Cross Flower 1
Xanthosia rotundifolia, the "Southern Cross Flower", is unique to WA. This specimen shows the standard 4-pointed flower: see below for variants. This area had recently been burnt. We were very excited to see this fascinating plant for the first time near Green Head. Stirling Ranges, WA, October, 2001.  14 kB 
Southern Cross Flower 2
Xanthosia rotundifolia, the "Southern Cross Flower (5-point), showing the 5-pointed flower variant. Stirling Ranges, WA, October, 2001.  35 kB 
Southern Cross Flower 3
Xanthosia rotundifolia, the "Southern Cross Flower (6-point), showing the rarer 6-pointed bloom. Stirling Ranges, WA, October, 2001.  37 kB 

© William G. Leithhead 2006