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Western Australian Wildflower Photos 2001
Unknowns Group 4 of 4
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Picture [s-8] is definitely one of the Stylidium species, but I need help. Cape Le Grand National Park, near Esperance, WA, October, 2001.  13 kB 
This picture is another Stylidium or "Trigger Plant" example, but the little brown pods seen with the flowers are a bit confusing. Rossiter Beach, Cape Le Grand National Park, near Esperance, WA, October, 2001.  22 kB 
Picture [u-1] is a mystery to me. It was growing with other plants by the roadside near Carnarvon. Carnarvon area, WA, September, 2001.   21kB 
Picture [u-2] looks like a Melaleuca or Callistemon species, but I can't get it any closer than that. Western Flora Caravan park, near Eneabba, WA, September, 2001.  29 kB 
Picture [u-3] looks possibly like Pityrodium terminalis "Pink Native Foxglove", or perhaps a Thomasia. Near Perenjori, WA, September, 2001.  22 kB 
Picture [u-4] is possibly a Melaleuca species or perhaps a white variety of Hypocalymna. Collie-Donnybrook region, WA, September, 2001.  18 kB 
Picture [u-5] shows a pretty fine-leaved plant with pink 5-petalled flowers, but I cannot decide what it might be. Collie-Donnybrook area, WA, September, 2001.  28 kB 
Picture [u-6] shows a pretty flower which looks easily recognisable, but which I can't match. (Seen also in picture [l-4] of the previous group 3 of unknown pictures.) Any clues? Collie-Donnybrook region, WA, September, 2001.  14 kB 
Picture [u-7] is a plant on the edge of the road from Busselton to Cape Naturaliste. It looks like a wattle, perhaps. Near Cape Naturaliste, WA, September, 2001.  29 kB 
Picture [u-8] is a beautiful plant with pink 5-petalled flowers with spathulate petals like the spokes of a wheel. Each flower sits at the end of a dainty slender pink stalk. But what are they? Goldmine Hill, North Dandelup, WA, September, 2001.  20 kB 
Picture [u-9] is maybe a pink variety of Conostylis setosa, "White Cottonheads", but apart from that I'm not sure. Where the South Coast Highway crosses the Pallinup River, between Albany and Bremer Bay, WA, October, 2001.   36 kB 
Picture [u-10] shows yet another attractive plant which looks like Conostylis setosa, "White Cottonheads", or perhaps Laxmannia grandiflora susp. grandiflora.On the road between Albany and Bremer Bay, where the South Coast Highway crosses the Pallinup River, WA, October, 2001.  25 kB 
Picture [u-11] shows a plant that, although not beautiful, nevertheless has an intriguing appearance. I can't place it from the books. Karlgarin, near Hyden, WA, October, 2001.  19 kB 
Picture [u-12] shows a plant growing among extensive groups of Pigface (Disphyma spp) near the Wave Rock tourist area at Hyden. It has these pure white flowers with 5 petals. Perhaps it is a Calandrinia species. I need help with this one. Wave Rock, Hyden, WA, October, 2001.  29 kB 
Picture [u-13] shows an artistic arrangement by Mother Nature of a "Pigface" type of plant, perhaps of a Disphyma or Carpobrotus species, but other than that I can't be specific. I quite like this picture, and it shows the typically sandy-gravelly soil common in WA. Wave Rock, Hyden, WA, October, 2001.   28 kB 
Picture [u-14] shows a prostrate plant with small yellow pea-like flowers, but I can't see it in any wildflower books, so I need your help. Between Esperance and Salmon Gums, WA, October, 2001.  36 kB 
Picture [u-15] is of a prolifically-flowering plant with neat white pom-pom-like groups of flowers. The florets have reddish-purple centres. I can't place them, but they appear like the Leptospermum, Baeckia, Thryptomene, or Micromyrtus genera. Cape Le Grand National Park, near Esperance, WA, October, 2001.  30 kB 
Picture [v-1] illustrates a Verticordia species, identity unsure, but with the added interest of the striped beetles swarming over the flowers. Indulge me, if you will, and tell me what are the flowers, and what are the beetles? Goldmine Hill, North Dandelup, WA, September, 2001.  18 kB 
Picture [w-1] shows a shrub with copious white flowers,which is widepread right next to the beautiful beach at Rossiter Beach, Cape Le Grand National Park. This whole area is rich with wildflowers, and we highly recommend it. But I can't identify these pretty flowers! Cape Le Grand National Park, near Esperance, WA, October, 2001.   29 kB 
Picture [y-1] shows one of the earliest of the wildflowers we encountered on our trip. These low-growing daisy-like flowers were to be seen near the edges of the Great Australian Bight, the cliffs commonly called the "Bunda Cliffs". Contrary to our expectations, the Nullarbor Plains showed quite a few wildflowers, even though it was not a good season. But I can't tell what these yellow daisies are! Bunda cliffs, Nullarbor Plains, SA-WA, August, 2001.  44 kB 

© William G. Leithhead 2006