Austroboletus lacunosus 1
Austroboletus lacunosus is a mycorrhizal bolete which is found on the soil in mixed forests of SE Australia, New caledonia and NZ. It is robust in appearance, found often. Cap to 150 mm, yellowish-brown to dark brown with a suede-like texture sometimes with tissue remnants around the edge. The soft pores are circular, coarse (to 1 mm), thick, brownish-pink becoming ochre with age; spore print pale brown. The central, stout (160 by 25 mm) stem is distinctive, has no ring, is dry, pale ochre covered with a distinctive coarse network of deeply-ridged linear pits, i.e. lacunose. Tinged pinkish-rusty-yellow near base. (Similar species in W.A. is A. occidentalis, sticky stem, bitter taste.)  - Mortimer Picnic Ground, Bunyip State Forest, 2010.
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