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This collection of links has accumulated over the years, and I have attempted to arrange them in at least some sort of order. But owing to the varied nature of them, some of it is somewhat disconnected, which can't be helped. Nevertheless I have decided to include this page of fungi links in the hope that at least some of them will be of value.

They range from highly technical to simple hobby sites or blogs and I leave it up to the viewer to rummage at leisure. I have decided to present them in order of country of origin, where possible, but there is a also a collection of fungi links of very broad value, of more or less universal appeal, where country of origin is irrelevant and these are placed in General and Miscellaneous. In addition, many of these web sites themselves contain collections of useful links associated with fungi.

As of July 13th 2015, this page has been edited, and dead links removed. I will be glad to hear from you about any other dead links, and welcome new useful and interesting links. Email


ANBG (Australian National Botanic Gardens, Canberra) An extremely important Australian fungi website that will amply repay extensive reading. Highly recommended - take your time!
ANBG Fungi Sitemap list of topics in this site for ease of navigation.
ANBG - CPBR (Centre for Plant Biodiversity Research) Broadly botanical site
ANBG and CPBR databases Wide-ranging botanical interest
ANBG Australian Plant Image Index Not just fungi, although some are in here.
ANBG - Deathcap mushroom (Amanita phalloides) in Australia This fungus is the main cause of deaths from mushroom poisoning around the world.
ANBG on Mycogeography Index to this topic, which I find very interesting.
ANBG index to truffle-like (hypogeous) fungi in Australia We do have native underground fungi, but they are nothing like the European comestibles. Nevertheless, thay are part of the diet of some native animals.
ANBG Spore discharge and dispersal in mushrooms Very valuable page showing mechanisms of spore discharge in basidiomycetes and ascomycetes. Excellent diagrams!

ABRS (Australian Biological Resources Study) General botanical databases and resources 
ABRS - Fungi glossary Alphabetic index of mycological terminology
ABRS Index To Captioned Fungi Photos including just a few fungi

RBG (Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne, Melbourne Herbarium) Interactive Catalogue 
FNCV (Field Naturalist's Club of Victoria) Fungi Group I attend forays with this group. I'm wearing the blue jacket and white hat.

FungiOz Australian fungi and more.
A valuable, well-organized web site with very functional pull-down menus and very good images.
As well, FungiOz App for mobile phone use is a free download with over 330 Australian sourced fungi species, interactive features for pooling fungi knowledge, illustrated mycological terms, giftware & resource links about all things mushroom
Australian Fungi Blog Personal fungi-oriented blog by an amateur mycologist living in the Hunter Valley region. Highly recommended. See Indexes at the right hand side. She also has a nature blog here.
Sydney Fungal Studies Group Home page of an active and valuable group.
Sydney Fungal Studies Group - Galleries index Click on thumbnails for larger images.
Morwell National Park - Fungi Index Interesting site with quite good fungi photos.
MJA (Medical Journal of Australia) - Poisoning by Amanita phalloides in Australia. Summary for this very dangerous mushroom.
ABC Science - Humungous fungus: world's largest organism? Read more in Tom Volk's site.
ABC Science - Fungus attacking prehistoric cave paintings A Fusarium microfungus is to blame.

Erowid ("Earth Wisdom") - Humans and Psychoactives - Covers a wide range of psychotropic substances, but the fungal topics on Amanitas and Psilocybe Mushrooms are also discussed
Erowid on Magic Mushrooms, page 3. Methods of ingestion.
Erowid on Magic Mushrooms page 6. Table of Australasian species.

Museum Victoria - Forest secrets - Fungi Small collection of pretty fungi pictures (mainly from Bruce Fuhrer), and some descriptive material.
University of Adelaide - Human and animal fungal infections Deals with fungi involved in human health and disease.
University of Sydney Fungal Biology Associated with a mycology course, packed with extremely useful information. It is well worth-while spending time to read this.
Blue Swami - Fungi of South Eastern Australia Emphasis on NSW.
Australia's Virtual Herbarium Drawing together botanical information from all around Australia, not just fungi.
Drawing of parts of a fungus by Jim Willis (University of Melbourne - Australian Science and Technology Centre - J.H. Willis guide to records). Jim Willis was a pioneer in Australian fungi.
Riener Richter's fungi photos. Excellent named photos from the Dandenong Ranges. He also has many other nature photos here.
Australian Mushroom Industry Directory Collection of mushroom eating sources.
Fungi of Great Western A personal fungi blog from the town of Great Western, western Victoria. Also includes flowers and fauna here.
Mycorrhizal Associations: The Web Source Excellent W.A. web site giving extensive explanation of mycorrhiza, including good microscopic images.
Lane Cove Bush Fungi See the Light A Lane cove site has been set aside as a protected area because of the unique fungi to be found there, particularly more than 25 species of Hygrophoraceae.
Perth Urban Bushland Fungi Project Excellent site by a collaboration of amateur and professional mycologists in Perth, including a Field Guide which can be obtained on CDROM via this page, or, generously, downloaded free as a 21 MB file which can be viewed, printed out, or printed by a printer.
Chambers Wildlife Rainforest Lodges Nice informative pages on fungi from a tourism operator in the Atherton Tablelands, Queensland.
A conservation overview of Australian non-marine lichens, bryophytes, algae and fungi Federal Department of the Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts (DEHA).
Fungi of Blue Tier region in NE Tasmania Good list of names and links to photos. NB: When I tried to include links to this site from my fungi pages, I received error messages, or else they would be included with my thumbnails.
Western Australian Naturalist's Club Quite an active group.
What’s Become of Macrolepiota Rachodes?  Handout for the Pacific Northwest Key Council Spring 2007 Foray. Pertinent to Australia in that it has been renamed Chlorophyllum brunneum.
Laccaria fraterna syn. L. lateritia Californian site but details from an Australian journal, so I've placed it here.


NZ Landcare Research - What is this fungus? Follow the various links
NZ Landcare Research NZFUNGI - New Zealand Fungi (and Bacteria) Takes a bit of an effort to learn to use data bases
NZ Landcare Research - New Zealand's Virtual Mycota Repays exploration

Fungi of the Kaimai Bush Very nice site by Shirley Kerr, with almost 400 species.
Hidden Forest - Fungi This is an extremely good site by Clive Shirley. Well-designed, good photos and information. It also covers lichens and mosses.
NZ Fungi Gateway A list of links about NZ fungi.
Fungal Network of New Zealand A Society to organize forays and promote all things fungal in NZ.
All About Mushrooms A nicely-designed personal web site with essential, useful fungi information and images of moderate quality.


Roger's Mushrooms From the UK but covers North America as well as Europe.
Roger's Mushrooms Name Index Useful if you have a name, but also useful are the Visual and Easy keys if you don't. Good descriptions and images.
Mushroom-Central - a wide-ranging collation of all sorts of facts about mushrooms by Mikael. 
MycoKey Substantial Danish site in English.
MycoKey list of Genera This leads on to lists of named species and many useful images.
Mycolegium An extremely important UK-European site showing many, many links for all aspects of mycology.
Northern Ireland Fungus Group Worth while following various links.
Fungi Images on the Net (F.V. Larsen) Long list of useful links.
British Mycological Society Some useful info via the Resources link.
Fungal Records Database of Britain and Ireland Explanatory portal to several databases of fungi.
Fungi in Finland and in Sweden In English. Note: Search by "Icons" fails to bring up pictures of icons, but icon index works via species names.
Polish site Index in English. Whole site in Polish and English.
Polish site Internet links to images of fungi species - collated from sites all over the world.
The Fifth Kingdom Table of contents of CDROM-Book called "The Fifth Kingdom". Includes images from many chapters, plus text and images from some. Useful to follow up some of the links.
Société Mycologique de Strasbourg In French, but photos index in Latin names.
BioImages Home Page Home page of the following Virtual Field Guide. Not easy to use. Click on the links at the end of the page.
BioImages Shortcuts Index  This is to all living organisms, but includes various classes of fungi.
Leif and Anita Stridvall's Botanical Site: Fungi section Hovering the cursor over images shows a description in English. Scroll upwards for some nice lichen and flower images, including Australian flowers.
Cercle de Mycologie de Mons (Belgique): (Page perso de JJ. Wuilbaut) A large site with a good selection of beautiful photos of a wide variety of organisms. A useful page of mycological links can be found by clicking on "Liens Myco". (List of links comes on a mottled grey background that makes the links very hard to read.)
Belgian site in French by Marcel Lecomte Covers mycology, chemistry and fungi, microscopy of fungi. It has some excellent pictures of stained fungal spores and structures. Try to ignore the irritating boogi woogie when it opens.
Personal Website Jean-Louis Cheype - in French alps Many charming photographs can be found if you rummage through his site. In French. Can be translated by Google if you know how. Quite interesting, dealing with fungi as well as other topics. Annoying backround to navigation links at left. German site - Mushroom Gallery. Click on ""Scientific Index" link at top left for list of species names.
Pilze, Pilze, Pilze In German. Rather confusing site, but nice pictures. Click on "Lateinische Namen " under image to get an alphabetical listing which you can use for navigation.
Fungi Images on the Net Danish site provides links to +3500 fungi images on the internet.
Mycorrhizas and Symbiosis Excellent photomicrographs of mycorrhizal formation at plant root tips. From a microscopy site, with links to other similar sites.
The Fascinating World of Fungi Well-illustrated web site - recommended! This is the contents page.
Entoloma characteristics.  Good Dutch site in English by Machiel Noordeloos.
Database and Glossary of fungi. Interesting approach, but probably a bit bogged down. In German.
Yves Deneyer's fungi site. More than 4794 photos of fungi. In French.
Electronic Distribution Maps of Ukrainian Fungi A UK Darwin Initiative project. Big data base - part of the following Biodiversity reference..
The nature of fungi with special emphasis on mushrooms Ch. 2 of a publication, this is a very informative reference on the history and biology of fungi, especially regarding medical matters. Emphasis on British species.
Fungi Online Introduction to the biology of fungi, for undergraduates. From the British Mycological Society. Private UK site with many attractive features and links to British fungal sites.


MykoWeb - Fungi of California Home page.
MykoWeb - Fungi of California Index Species Index
Tom Volk's Fungi Very engaging, easy-to-read site.
Wayne's Word Index to Fungi Topics  You will also enjoy reading his home page, too.
Mushroom-Central - a wide-ranging collation of all sorts of facts about mushrooms by Mikael. 
Mushroom Expert Home Page Valuable site with many links to follow, substantial information and good images.
Mushroom Expert Index  Just as it says.
George Barron's fungi site - Index of images and stories 
Mushroom Appreciation Site Mushroom Appreciation has many articles on some different types of mushrooms, their uses, recipes, and identification information. The purpose of the site is to educate, entertain, and help people develop an appreciation for mushrooms. Lots of USA information.
Utah State University Intermountain Herbarium - Fun facts about fungi Easily digestible information about fungi.
Online Mycology Tips and Resources  Quebec-based site dealing with what might be called horticultural aspects of fungi problems in lawns and "yards".
Mycorrhizal literature exchange (University of Tennessee) Collates the literature on mycorrhizal relationships of fungi to higher plants. Leads to some down-loadable articles and abstracts.
1 Morel Mushroom Lane--Home of the Morel  US morel hunter's site.
Uni of Hawaii - Botany 135 - 2003 Magical Mushrooms and Mystical Molds. Lecture notes for a course in fungi, well worth reading.
How to cook Amanita muscaria safely. Cooking instructions for this hallucinogenic mushroom. Follow at you peril!
Major Divisions Of Life Generally Included In Botany Courses. Includes good section on fungi. From Wayne's Word, Mt Palomar. Monograph on Cordyceps and related species.
David Fischer's American Mushrooms Informative personal web site.
Mushroom-Collecting A New England and Eastern Canada Edible and Medicinal Mushroom Resource. Peripheral to Australia, but interesting in itself.
Fungi Growing on Wood Gary Emberger, NE USA.
Caps and Stems Personal fungi site from USA.
Discover Life - Fungi Lots of pictures and links from USA site.
Encyclopedia of Life (EOL) US site of that name - pages on fungi. Series of interesting links.
Fungi Perfecti "is a family-owned, environmentally friendly company specializing in using gourmet and medicinal mushrooms to improve the health of the planet and its people."
Mycologue Explore this site and find over 800 images of fungi online as an introduction to our compact mycological encyclopedia, The Fifth Kingdom. Canadian.
Mycological Society of San Francisco Excellent USA site.
George Barron's fungi web site Lots of interesting material.
Hypomyces Online On fungi that grow on other fungi.
Poisonous and Hallucinogenic Mushrooms By Michael W. Beug The Evergreen State College Olympia WA. Useful information on many North American species, to 2008.
Sonoma County Mycological Association Is a non-profit group dedicated to learning about local mushrooms, and educating the public about the vast and diverse world of fungi.
Eat More Toadstools Dedicated to wild, cultivated, edible and medicinal fungi and plants.
Fun Facts About Fungi  We find fungi so fascinating that we wanted to share some fun facts about fungi with you. Utah State University.
Surveys and Revisions in Boletineae The New York Botanical Gardens
Spore Works Purveyors of rare and exotic and medicinal mushroom spores. Euphimism for hallucinogenics! Fish around for the links.
What’s Become of Macrolepiota Rachodes?  Handout for the Pacific Northwest Key Council Spring 2007 Foray. Pertinent to Australia in that it has been renamed Chlorphyllum brunneum.
Warts Information Centre: Mycology General information on fungi found in a web site specializing in warts.


Wikipedia  Wikipedia is highly recommended for obtaining information about any topic at all. Just start entering search words for especially information on fungi topics. Please note that there is no intelligent matching (unlike Google), so that misspelt words or wrong names will be ineffective. As well, it is pot luck, in that some entries are very large, and others a bare minimum.
Wikipedia on search term 'fungus' Illustrates the value of Wikipedia - try following the blue links for information on a wealth of topics.
Wikipedia - List of deadly fungi 
Mushroom-Central - a wide-ranging collation of all sorts of facts about mushrooms by Mikael. 
WWW Virtual Library: Mycology (Cornell) A distributed and comprehensive catalog of internet resources maintained by volunteers. Follow the directory, knowing that it stops at 2005. Some earlier links fail. The "directory" works, but to reach the 'big hairy index', use this link.
Wild Mushrooms From Tokyo Interesting, even though partly in Japanese, with species Latin names in English.
Latin Pronunciation Demystified  Very helpful article.
Basidiomycetes and Ascomycetes diagrams Good drawings illustrating basidia and asci.
Fungi And The Carbon Cycle - G. Barron Worth reading.
Inocybe, clitocybe, omphalotus and others Article on poisoning by fungi that contain muscarine. From Chemical Safety Information from Intergovernmental Organizations, Inchem.
INCHEM guidelines for the systematic medical treatment of patients with suspected or known fungal poisoning. From the USA Inchem organization.
Tokyo Code -International Code of Botanical Nomenclature Entry in Wikipedia giving entry to Tokyo Code of botanical nomenclature. interesting to explore. See following entry.
International Code of Botanical Nomenclature (Tokyo Code), Electronic version Can be used to search for aspects of provenance of fungi names.
Jens H. Petersens fungal photographs Interesting Danish site in English.
Mushroom Observer Site originally in Portuguese, but available in English. Aims to allow observations on fungi to be logged from around the world.
"Sanamyan" site on slime molds Excellent complilation on slime molds, also called myxomycetes. Based in Kamchatka, Russia.
Wildlife Central on fungi Valuable site with myriads of links to anything at all on fungi. Based in UK (I think), but applicable all over the world. NB: A lot of these links no longer function. This can be associated with another link to a Home Page which covers a wide scope of life.
BBC article on Amanita muscaria and Xmas The Influence of Fly Agaric on the Iconography of Father Christmas
First Nature site on Fungi Illustrated guide to woodland and grassland fungi of Britain and Europe.
Fungal planet A Peer-Reviewed Global Initiative to Promote the Study of Fungal Biodiversity. Pretty academic approach to mycology. Links to Mycobank, which is also interesting and valuable.
MycoBank is an on-line database aimed as a service to the mycological and scientific community by documenting mycological nomenclatural novelties (new names and combinations) and associated data, for example descriptions and illustrations.
Ectomycorrhizal Site DEEMY Links to research data system leading to images of mycorrhiza for different fungi. In English.
MycorWeb, an ectomycorrhizal site French, but in English. Lists a series of useful articles.
The Fascinating World of Fungi By UK Offwell Woodland & Wildlife Trust.
Tom Volk on coccidioidomycosis This is a horrible fungal disease from parts of the USA and elsewhere.
Toxicity, Mushroom - Amatoxin Medscape details on severe fungal poisoning.
Tom Volk on Fomes fomentarius The tinder polypore, also known as touchwood, punk, hoof fungus, amadou, or Amadouvier.
Magic Mushrooms All about psilocybe magic mushrooms. Note that possession of these is a crime in Australia.
The I am Shaman Shop Entheogens, ethnobotanicals. Includes links on psychotropic fungi.
Taylor Lockwood's Fungiphoto site Professional fungi photographer's wonderful web site. Highly recommended.
FDA's site on fungal toxins Excellent compilation of data and links on fungal toxins.
The Eumycetozoans Project Working to understand the ecology, systematics and evolution of myxomycetes, dictyostelids and protostelids — the true slime molds.
1491 Fungi Science & Technology sites Hundreds of fungi links from CBEL, which is some search engine.
Determination of Volatile Organic Compounds In Mushrooms Illustrates method of trapping and analysing mushroom aromas by GLC and Mass. Spec., but no details on the compounds actually isolated.
SISWEB® Application Notes Over 80 articles on Thermal Desorption, MS Direct Probe, and SIMION  Extensive list of links referring to trapping methods for analysis of aroma compounds from various sources, including mushrooms. Technical.
Fluorescence6 A famously beautiful fluorescent blue computer-generated image which resembles a fungus.
Erowid's site shows you all you ever wanted to know about psilocybe hallucinogenic mushrooms. Possession of these is illegal in Australia. 
Flickr Fungi Group Members can add to these images from all over the world.
Flickr Slime Mold Group 
Mushroom Research Foundation, Thailand Intriguing Asian-based group. Interesting, but some content might be out of date or non-existent..
Google search on some fungal aroma search terms. Searched on fungi aroma volatiles profile GC MS. Interests me because my background is in organic chemistry with a special interest in aroma head-space analysis by GC-MS. Search terms in Google Scholar are fungi+aroma+volatiles+profile+GC+MS.
Types of Fungi Excellently-illustrated British site showing classification based upon spore production.
The Project Gutenberg EBook of "Among the Mushrooms", by Ellen M. Dallas and Caroline A. Burgin, 1900. Text and image version of the 1900 book on fungi. Illuminating reading.
The Project Gutenberg EBook of "Fungi: Their Nature and Uses", by Mordecai Cubitt Cooke, 1875. Text and image version of the 1875 book on fungi. Nice hand-drawn diagrams.
Wikipedia - List of Latin and Greek words commonly used in systematic names Very helpful and enlightening site will help with botanical names.
Macrofungi of Costa Rica Good site by researchers from New York Botanical Garden. Alphabetical list here.
The Effect Of Liophilization On The Aroma Components In The Fruit Bodies Of Edible Mushrooms  From a Polish journal, in English.
Tree of Life Web Project. Fungi, in detail, with emphasis on the nature of the family trees of fungi found vi DNA analysis. Lots of links.
Small Things Considered - The Microbe Blog Excellent blog on microbes, namely bacteria, fungi, viruses, etc. Very high quality site, but at a professional microbiology level.

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