Mycena austrofilopes 1
Mycena austrofilopes is an Australian (and NZ) wood-rotting fungus, gregarious in litter, often in moss, found with Eucalypts and even pines or Myrtle Beech. Cap 20 mm, conical, expanding to broad; striate, with obtuse umbo; silky, moist; whitish bloom over centre; colour brownish-grey to greyish-orange. Gills close, greyish-brown, paler at edge; spore print white. Stems long (122 mm) slender (2-4 mm), wider at base, cartilaginous, smooth, light brown, paler near apex; no ring. Sometimes with white hairs near base. (Looks a little like Mycena cystidiosa, but is lighter and smaller, with no hair-like sterile rhizomorphs.) Eco Tourism track, Sanatorium Picnic Ground, Mt Macedon, 2010.
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