Podoscypha petalodes 1
Podoscypha petalodes "Rosette Fungus", is a widespread and common wood-rotting fungus, on dead wood or buried wood, often in debris at the base of trees. It is found in quite a few other parts of the world, called "Wine Glass Fungus", and "Ruffled Paper Fungus". It occurs rarely singly, but usually as bunched, funnel-shaped rosettes of thin, tough, leathery tissue; it is a basidiomycete. The upper surface of the structure is to 40 mm across, 80 mm high (from the base of the hidden stem), colours from pale golden brown to chestnut brown, with marked radial zones; the edge is usually thinner and much paler; the surface is shiny, wrinkled and lobed, and there is often a split on one side. Underneath is the fertile surface (the hymenium), much duller in colour, grey when fertile, pallid brown when infertile. Stem to 10 mm, colour as hymenium, some stems often fusing together. Mt Drummer Rainforest Walk, near Cann River, 2009.
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