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Photographs are grouped in approximately monthly order.

Birthdays - Feb 2009. Dave Richard, Jack Morris(obscured), Pamela Rowe, plus cake-holder Judee Horin.
Vocalist Emma Sidney, Feb 2009.
Judee Horin, pianist/vocalist, Feb 2009.
Vocalist Pamela Rowe, with friends, Feb 2009. Ken Forbes (tpt), Howard Rowe (dms), Barrie Boyes (sax), Tony Brothers (clt).
Veteran drummer Alan Richards, March 2009.
Saxophonist Barrie Boyes, and pianist and all-round entertainer Bobby Vinnard.
Pianist Bill Leithhead and popular jazz vocalist Janet Arndt.
Birthday people for March, 2009.
Janet Arndt and Lynne Gough, with Howard Rowe (dr) and Barrie Boyes(sax).
Judee Horin.
Bill Leithhead, piano.
Birthdays, April, 2009.
Dave Richard and Lynne Gough, "Blue Tango" musical duo.
Janet Arndt.
Judee Horin and Janet Arndt welcoming members and guests.
Vocalist Katy King-Best and friends.
Renowned double bassist Leon Heale.
Pianist Neville Turner introducing his work.
Michele Forbes and friends.
Irish tenor Vincent O'Connor.
"Blue Tango", vocal/instrumental duo comprising Dave Richard and Lynne Gough, with Alan Richards on drums.
Bobby Vinnard, entertainer and pianist.
Gigi Hellmuth with her longtime friend, Don Crawford, well-known entertainer, magician, clown and radio announcer.
Jeff Wiener with vocalist friend Vanessa.
Ron and Julie, details unknown.
Alto sax Roger Clark with pianist son Rory Clark.
Pianist/vocalist Alan Knight and vocalist Lynne Knight.
Vocalist Anmari Clyde.
Bill Leithhead in cheerful mood.
July birthdays, 2009.
Colin Garrett (tenor sax) and Jack Morris (trom).
Committee, 2009-10. From L.: Alan Richards, Don Crawford, Katy King-Best, Judee Horin, Gigi Hellmuth, Colin Garrett, Annie Smith, Bill Leithhead, Pat Argue.
Community singing.
Presentation of appreciation to Glenyce Leithhead.
Singer Janet Arndt, David Taylor (bs), Barrie Boyes (sax), Tony Brothers (clt) and Ken Forbes (tpt).
Judee Horin.
Katy King-Best and Pat Argue.
Sheila Whitson.
Presentation of life membership to Sheila Whitson by Don Crawford.
Overview of venue at the Bentleigh Club, with Janet Arndt's band performing.
Birthday cake celebration, October, 2009.
Bobby Vinnard (piano) with vocalist Annie Smith.
Guest guitarist Don Schade playing with trumpet/singer Ken Forbes' band "Smooth As".
Trombonist and vocalist Jack Morris.
Guitarist/vocalist Jeff Weiner.
John Hoare sings and plays the Golden Oldie tunes.
Judee Horin.
Lisette Payet, vocalist/piano.
From L: Lisette Payet, Lynne Gough, Barrie Boyes and Jack Morris.
Well-known jazz singer Pippa Wilson --- “When Pippa Wilson sings, audiences are swung and love it”.

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