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Photographs are grouped in approximately monthly order.

Annie Smith and a young visitor clinking glasses in time with the music, while Bobby Vinnard watches on. Jan. 2011.
Annie Smith (voc), Ken Forbes (tpt), Howard Rowe (dr), Colin Garrett (sax) (obscured) and Jack Morris (voc/trom). Jan. 2011.
Barrie Boyes with Nicole Thorne. Jan. 2011
Berry Biss wins a door prize. With (from L) Pat Argue, Judee Horin and Lynne Gough. Jan. 2011.
Birthdays, Jan. 2011. From L: Pat Argue, John Hoare (partly obscured, piano), Judee Horin, Ken Forbes, Lynne Gough.
Veteran pianist and entertainer Bobby Vinnard affectionately hugged by songbird Annie Smith. Jan. 2011.
Conga line. From L: Shelia Whitson, Gigi Hellmuth, Lynne Gough, Janet Arndt and Annie Smith. Jan, 2011.
Conga line, as in previous image. Jan. 2011.
Duo Melodica plus friends. From L: Bill Leithhead (kb), Pamela Rowe (voc), Ken Forbes (tpt), Barrie Boyes (sax), Jack Morris(trom). Jan. 2011.
Dancers Gigi Hellmuth and Sheila Whitson. Jan. 2011.
Vocal duet with (from L) Jack Morris, Ken Forbes (tpt), Ivan Videky (bs)(dec.), Judee Horin (voc). Jan 2011.
Singers (from L - duplicated) Janet Arndt and Annie Smith. Jan. 2011.
Vocalist/pianist Judee Horin. jan. 2011.
Regular musicians Ken Forbes (tpt), Barrie Boyes (sax), Jack Morris (trom). Jan. 2011.
Singing and dancing, Pat Argue, Janet Arndt, Lynne Gough and Francesca Henderson. Jan. 2011.
Audience, Feb. 2011
Bill Leithhead, piano player. Feb. 2011.
Door prize winner Bob Casely, then Judee Horin and Lynne Gough. Feb. 2011.
Desk crew hard at paper-work; committee members Dave Richard & Lynne Gough. Feb. 2011.
Janet Arndt & Friends - from L: Bill Leithhead (piano), Janet Arndt (voc), Ken Forbes (tpt), Bob Casely (reeds), Jack Morris (trom). Feb. 2011.
Gigi Hellmuth (R.) wins door prize. From L: Judee Horin, Lynne Gough. Feb. 2011.
Highly experienced front line musicians Ken Forbes (tpt), Barrie Boyes (sax). Feb. 2011.
Guest artist, pianist Matthew Fields. Feb. 2011.
Nick Kriticus sings, Feb. 2011.
Birthdays, March 2011. From L: Barrie Boyes, Pat Argue, Audrey Morris.
Piano duet, with Ray Haynes and Bill Leithhead. March 2011.
Duo Melodica & Friends. From L: Bob Casely (clt), Ivan Videky (dec.)(bass), Pamela Rowe (voc), Howard Rowe (dms). March 2011.
Impromptu dancing quartet; from L: Janet Arndt, Gigi Hellmuth, Judee Horin, Pat Argue. March 2011.
Neville Turner (piano), Jack Morris (voc). March 2011.
Tenor Vincent O'Connor in full voice. March 2011.
Birthdays, April/May 2011. From L: Neville Turner, Pat Argue, Thea Boyes, John Hoare, Annie Smith, Rick Litchfield (behind), Glenyce Leithhead.
Dancing together are Gigi Hellmuth and John Hoare. May 2011.
Drawing for inclusion and play order on the whiteboard. From L: Judee Horin, Gigi Hellmuth, Colin Garrett. May 2011.
Door prizes, May 2011. From L: Judee Horin, Lynne Gough, Pat Argue.
Band including (from L) Lynne Gough (voc), David Taylor (bs), Bill Leithhead (kb), Colin Garrett. May 2011.
Judee Horin (piano) accompanying popular singer Rachel Camerino. May 2011.
Well-known singer Annie Smith performing in bliss-land. June 2011.
Saxophone specialist Barrie Boyes brings out the big guns - his baritone saxophone. June 2011.
Birthday doings, June 2011. John Hoare (piano), Gigi Hellmuth, Janet Arndt, Franco Vitiello, Pat Argue.
Duo Melodica & Friends, June, 2011. From L: Pamela Rowe (voc), Ken Forbes (tpt), Ivan Videky (dec.)(bs), Ray Haynes (kb) and Barrie Boyes (baritone saxophone).
Guest flautist (identity unknown), Alan Richards (dr)(partly hidden), David Taylor (bs), Lisette Payet (kb/voc). June 2011.
With a life-time of drumming experience behind him - Howard Rowe. June 2011.
From L: Ezra Kowadlo (trom), Alan Richards (dms), Ken Forbes (tpt), Ivan Videky (dec.)(bs), Judee Horin (kb). June 2011.
Well-known jazz vocalist, Janet Arndt. June 2011.
Jazz Travellers, from L: unknown flautist, Howard Rowe (dms)(part hidden), Colin Garrett (sax), Annie Smith (voc). June 2011.
Highly-experienced trumpet player Ken Forbes, with veteran bassist Ivan Videky (dec.). June 2001.
Pianist, multi-instrumentalist and multi-lingual vocalist, Lisette Payet. June 2011.
Vocalist Ally Dawson and pianist Matthew Fields. June 2011.
Violinist and vocalist, Omega Pott. June 2011.
Ken Forbes' 'Smooth As'. From L: Ken Forbes (tpt/voc), David Taylor (bs), Judee Horin (kb), Barrie Boyes (baritone sax). June 2011.
Powerful Irish tenor Vincent O'Connor. June 2011.
Energetic front line (from L): Barrie Boyes (alto sax), Bob Casely (clt), Ken Forbes (tpt). July 2011.
Performing duo "Blue Tango", namely Dave Richard (guit/voc) plus Lynne Gough (voc/perc.) plus drummer Alan Richards. July 2011.
Veteran pianist/organist/entertainer Bobby Vinnard. July 2011.
Newly-elected committee members, for 2011-2. From L: Colin Garrett, Gigi Hellmuth, Dave Richard, Lynne Gough, Sheila Whitson, Judee Horin, Bill Leithhead.
Jazz pianist Frank Cox (dec.). July 2011.
Janet Arndt & Friends. From L: Barrie Boyes (sax), Bob Casely (clt), Janet Arndt (voc), Howard Rowe (dms), Ken Forbes (tpt). July 2011.
Highly talented pianist Neville Turner. July 2011.
Announcing door prizes, July 2011. From L: judee Horin, Sheila Whitson and Lynne Gough.
Chanteuse Rachel Camerino, with David Taylor (bs) behind. July 2011.

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