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Photographs are grouped in approximately monthly order.

Birthdays Nov-Dec 2011. From L: Unknown, Diane Taylor, Bill Leithhead, Jeff Weiner, Judee Horin, Bobby Vinnard, Vincent O'Connor.
At the November 2011 club night, it was with great pleasure that President Judee Horin presented long-standing club member Pat Argue with the annual Bravo Award for her many years of invaluable service in various capacities to the Showbiz Social Club.
Foundation member, renowned jazz vocalist Pippa Wilson. Jan. 2012.
Birthdays, Jan. 2012. From L: Sheila Whitson (cake), Dave Richard (rear), Frank Cox (dec.), Judee Horin, Ken Forbes.
Saxophonist duo, Bob Casely and Barrie Boyes. Feb 2012.
Francesca Henderson telling a humorous story, Feb, 2012.
February 2012 Birthdays. From L: Rachel Camerino, Dave Richard, Ezra Kowadlo, Pamela Rowe, Berry Biss.
Female members dancing in unison, March 2012. From L: Judee Horin, Noriyo Washizu, Annie Smith, Kay Young.
Vocalist/guitarist Jeff Weiner performing "Sheik of Scrubby Creek" in the humorous style made famous by Aussie country singer Chad Morgan. And he did an excellent job of it, too! March 2012.
Jeff Weiner having sung in the style of famous Australian comic country singer Chad Morgan, receives applause and illustrates his excellent artistic talents by displaying a charcoal portrait that he drew of that entertainer. March 2012.
Jazz band, backing vocalist Michelle Forbes. From L: Leader Ken Forbes (tpt), Barrie Boyes(sax), Ivan Videky (dec.)(bs), Grahame Taylor (kb), Michelle Forbes (voc). March 2012.
Showbiz Club regulars letting their hair down! From L: Judee Horin, Annie Smith, Lynne Gough. April, 2012.
Seen at the regular Easter Fish Fry at Don Crawford's house, Glen Waverley, April, 2012. Mr. E. Bunny (Don Crawford) having a rest from giving out easter eggs, reclining in the arms of pianist and entertainer Bobby Vinnard.
The "Jazz Travellers" play some jazz. From L: Howard Rowe (dr), Annie smith (voc), David Taylor (bs), Colin Garrett (sax), Bill Leithhead (leader) (kb), Ken Forbes (tpt).
Highly talented vocalist/pianist Lisette Payet with Ivan Videky (dec.)(bs). April, 2012.
Omega Pott entertains with her violin and singing, backed in this case by pianist Bobby Vinnard. April, 2012.
Veteran piano player Ray Haynes entertains us. April, 2012.
Jazz band, with, from L: Ken Forbes (tpt), Howard Rowe (dms), Barrie Boyes (sax), Ivan Videky (dec.)(bs), and Lisette Payet (kb). April, 2012.
Showbiz regulars, from L: Alan Hutton, John Hoare, Rick Litchfield. May, 2012.
Well-known musician Bob Casely playing his baritone saxophone. May, 2012.
Pianist and percussionist Howard Rowe is a dab hand at playing the washboard, often used in New Orleans or Dixieland style jazz bands. May 2012.
Highly-accomplished player of various forms of the recorder, Marion Lustig, has created a band called "Sweet Ade" to celebrate the music of famous Australian jazz musician Ade Monsbourgh, in which "Lazy Ade" often used a recorder or a 'tin whistle' for a distinctive sound in his compositions. Marion also plays classical recorder music. May, 2012.
Well-known jazz multi-instrumentalist Ray Oliphant (dec.) playing the clarinet in Marion Lustig's 'vintage jazz' band "Sweet Ade". May, 2012.
A veteran of the musical stage, Sheila Whitson, entertains us with one of her songs. May 2012.
The Sweet Ade orchestra. From L: Howard Rowe (washboard), Janet Arndt (voc), Andrew Stevens (banjo), Ray Oliphant (clt), Joe Kenyon (sousaphone), Lyn Thomas (piano), Marion Lustig (Leader and various recorders.
Entertainer Sylvester Kroyherr aings for us, accompanied by his guitar or sometimes his ukelele. May, 2012.
Jazz vocalist (and actor) Annie Smith in pensive mood. June, 2012.
Regular members, from L: Vocalist Annie Smith, Audrey Morris, with assistant secretary Gigi Hellmuth taking photographs for the newsletter. June 2012.
Club show night audience in the Bentleigh Club bistro. June 2012.
May birthdays, 2012. From L: Ivan Videky (dec.)(electric bass), Rick Litchfield, with cake wrangler Glenyce Leithhead, at right.
A cheery Hi-Five from renowned pianist, organist and entertainer, Bobby Vinnard. June, 2012.
Vocal duet during the jam session, from Sylvester Kroyherr and Annie Smith. June 2012.
Some vocal harmony from (from L:) Dave Richard and Lynne Hough (comprising duo "Blue Tango"), Howard Rowe (dms), Barrie Boyes (sax) and Judee Horin (voc and piano). June 2012.
Good friends Lynne Gough and Glenyce Leithhead. June 2012.
Best of musical pals: club treasurer Colin Garrett, and keyboard entertainer Bob Vinnard. July 2012.
Franco Vitiello occasionally entertains us with the novelty Neapolitan song from 1956, called "Tu Vuo' Fa l'Americano" (You want to be American), also famous because it was sung by Sophia Lauren in a 1960 film set in Napoli. July 2012.
Piano player Grahame Taylor and his wife Judith very pleased with winning their door prize. july, 2012.
Pianist/vocalist John Hoare in full flight with his distinctively vigorous and engaging sing-along piano style. July, 2012.
Ubiquitous, energetic singers Lynne Gough and Annie Smith never miss a moment for self-expression. July 2012.
A trio of happy clappers, From L: Lynne Gough, Annie Smith and Gigi Hellmuth, with amused and bemused pianist John Curtis on the verge. Will he or won't he? July 2012.
Rachel Sandey wins a door prize, awarded with a smooch by Lynne Gough. July 2012.
Spectators, from L: Busy bee vocalist Lynne Gough, pianist Ray Haynes and his wife Roz, and vocalist/guitar Dave Richard. August 2012.
In the audience, from L: An unknown guest, then Rick Litchfield, pianist John Hoare, tenor Vincent O'Connor. August 2012.
Deep in conversation: Audrey Morris and Bobby Vinnard. September, 2012.
More candid audience images. From L: Sylvester Kroyherr, Rachel Sandey, and ice-cream-scoffing regular Berry Biss. September 2012.
August birthdays, from L: Ken Forbes (at rear), Judee Horin, Lisette Payet (obscured), Rachel Sandey, Francesca Henderson (bending), Janet Arndt (obscured), Glenyce Leithhead - cake surgeon. September 2012.
September birthdays, 2012. From L: Glenyce Leithhead (cake clerk), Allan Smith, Ray Haynes, Lynne Gough, Kaye Smith(?). October 2012.
Well-known vocalist Rachel Camerino in full voice. October, 2012.
Guest electric bassist, possibly Brian West, Howard Rowe (dms), Bobby Vinnard (piano/vocals). November 2012.
Annie Smith, in the simulated throes of an auto-immune reaction in the upper respiratory system, which apparently was supposed to relate to the lyrics of the long-suffering song - whatever that was. Bassist Brian West (possibly) plays cautiously behind her, ready to apply resuscitation if needed. November 2012.
Audrey Morris and Asst. Secretary Gigi Hellmuth. Nov 2012.
October birthdays, 2012. From L: Colin Garrett, Judy Forbes, Jack Morris, Marion Lustig, John Curtis, Janet Arndt (cake handler).
Treasurer Colin Garrett and Lisette Payet. November 2012.
Vocalist Kay Young in full flight. November 2012.
Longtime members and Duo Melodica entertainment married couple, vocalist Pamela Rowe and drummer/pianist/vocalist Howard Rowe. November 2012.
Regular and appreciative attendees are Thea Boyes and Berry Biss. November 2012.

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