Happy Christmas to all my readers – well, both of you.

I recently started this blog  because in the first place, I do feel quite often that I have something of value to say, and in the second place, this WordPress software had become more advanced, and easier to use, and better set up.

But, I’ve fallen into old habits of mine – a combination of writer’s block, and sheer procrastination, involving the feeling that what I have to say is worthless. So I thought that at least on Xmas Day I would say something.

Xmas Day has always been significant in our family. I suppose this is from a feeling that it “the right thing to do”, plus an appreciation of the value of getting together with family and friends. The religious significance of it was present during my religious years (1952-1965), but even then, not strong. But now I regard myself as an atheist, but with an appreciation if the value of the pagan solstices and equinoxes.

So, here I am, having put digits to keyboard. In an hour’s time Glenyce and I will go to Leanne’s place for Xmas dinner with the whole family. This is usually very pleasant and uneventful, and I will take great pleasure from it, being the Patriarch of the family, as it were.

The gifts are arranged, with the cameras, and other family visit paraphernalia such as food. And so, at 10:45 am, we’ll push off, with our Tom Tom digital guidance system in use, basically for the first time, to navigate to our daughter Leanne’s place in Narre Warren.

Wish us luck!