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Bush Sodomizes Blow-Up Allah?

The recent hoohah over the now unsubstantiated rumour that the Yanks had tortured Guantanamo prisoners by flushing the Koran down the dunny led to riots and deaths in some Muslim countries. What’s new about death in those places? I posted earlier about that.

I now see a juicy item in an interesting US political blog that appears to stir the pot more vigorously than ever. We read that:-

This week Newsweek published a controversial article in which an anonymous source is quoted who claims that White House officials had a life size blow up doll of Allah delivered to the Oval Office where it was repeatedly sodomized time and time again by President Bush and his staff while pictures were taken.

If that isn’t designed to stir up those Muslim ant’s nests of nonthinking automatons who purport to be intelligent human beings, then I’ll go he!

Let me hasten to add that I have nothing against the millions of intelligent and thoughtful men and women who follow Islam in a balanced and humane way. If people feel impelled to have a one-way love affair with an imaginary friend, then good luck to them providing they don’t force it on everyone else. Unfortunately, that compulsion seems to be inbuilt into the monotheistic “desert” religions, and that’s when they come to regard people like me as their inferior, and consequently as their enemy!

Thanks for nothin’, bishops, popes, mullahs, ayotollahs and their fellow travellers!! I’m perfectly happy to be goin’ to Hell, Hades or Gehenna rather have to put up with you lot for eternity.

In a delicious follow-on to the above Blowup Allah Doll article the fascinating web site called The Mad Guerilla Brigade continues on with the fun. I wonder how many Muslim crazies will so irony-challenged that they once more foam at their snaggle-toothed mouths and kill even more innocent human beings.

Not that crazy Muslims are the only ones doing that - the Yanks and their subservient states like our own fair country, Australia, have become pretty good at that, too, in their own blundering way.

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