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Good riddance to Old Joh

That sanctimonious old windbag Sir Joh Bjelke Petersen died and today got a State Funeral in Queensland. He awarded himself the knighthood.

Read the truth about the bastard in

What I hated and still hate in his surviving family and his unctious old wife Lady (Pumpkin Scones) Flo is the sheer hypocrisy in wearing their faith like sergeants’ stripes, but ignoring all the corruption, violence and suffering that occurred during his gerrymandered reign as Premier in the 80s.

There is something about dogmatic forms of belief, such as some Christianity and some Islam, that numbs the brain, which then fails to make the connections between beliefs and the morality as really practised in real life.

You can read all about that in Richard Dawkin’s paper on Viruses of the Mind, also called “memes”, where certain ideas (memes) seem to take up residence in one’s mind, distorting the view of reality like a computer virus contaminates the functioning of a computer.

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