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The Journey Begins

The urologist phoned late today to tell me that of the 12 biopsy samples taken last Friday, 4 show signs of cancer. Tomorrow I am to phone his office to make an appointment so that we can discuss treatment options.

I am dealing with this reasonably well. It could be nasty, advanced and full of grief for me. On the other hand, I suspect that it has been caught early on, and am pretty confidant, from my casual reading, that these types of cancers can be dealt with pretty successfully.

I am a little bit shaken to know that some cells in my battered old body have decided to go feral, and that, given their head, they will kill me. Of course, given enough time, my whole body will collapse into a festering old heap. But as my father died in his 80s (Parkinson’s), my mother age 101 (peritonitis), I was kinda hoping for a bit of longevity to play with.

However, now I had better do what I have been meaning to do for years - that is - tidy up all the junk I have around me, so that if I am to get really ill I don’t finish up leaving it for my wife and kids!

Oh - and yes! - I will really make the effort to hawk myself and my keyboard around to any places that will have me playing the jazz that I enjoy!

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