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© William G. Leithhead 2006

Written by Bill Leithhead, Melbourne, Australia

The 89-day diary is divided into an Introduction and 15 multiday Trip Segments. We suggest you read the Introduction then step through the 15 Segments. You can navigate segments via rows of links at the top of each page. Place cursor on link to see brief description; left-click to go there.

View Introduction
View Segment 1 - Days 1 to 6 - Melbourne to Norseman
Day 1 Tuesday 14/8/01 Melbourne to Mannum (SA) via the Western Highway, breakfast at Ballarat, lunch at Horsham.
Day 2 Wednesday 15/8/01 Mannum (SA) to Port Augusta, via Barossa region, buy lunch at Angaston, eat at Gladstone, visit Port Pirie en route.
Day 3 Thursday 16/8/01 Port Augusta to Ceduna, lunch at Kimba. Tour of nearby Thevenard, then buy Ceduna oysters.
Day 4 Friday
Ceduna to Nullarbor. Bill to doctor for throat infection in Ceduna at Aboriginal Health Service. Drive via Penong, diversion via Fowler's Bay, then Nundroo, Yalata, Head of Bight, to Nullarbor.
Day 5 Saturday 18/8/01 Nullarbor to Cocklebiddy (WA). Tour Bunda Cliffs lookouts over Bight, call Border Village, Eucla - divert to old telegraph station buried by sand, then Mundrabilla, Madura Pass, Cocklebiddy.
Day 6 Sunday 19/8/01 Cocklebiddy to Norseman, via Caiguna, Balladonia (lunch), collision with emu just before Norseman.
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View Segment 2 - Days 7 to 10 - Norseman to Kalgoorlie Day 3
Day 7 Monday 20/8/01 Norseman to Kalgoorlie via lunch at Red Hill lookout, Kambalda. Glenyce to doctor in Kalgoorlie for nasty throat infection. Tea at the Exchange Hotel.
Day 8 Tuesday 21/8/01 Kalgoorlie Day 1. Arrange car repairs, tour town, Town Hall, go to jewellers for gold nuggets, get car, arrange alternator repair, tea at Star and Garter Hotel.
Day 9 Wednesday 22/8/01 Kalgoorlie Day 2. Car in dock; borrow car, tour Bill's old haunts from childhood, arrange repair of driving mirror.
Day 10 Thursday 23/8/01 Kalgoorlie Day 3. Tour Goldfields Museum, lunch at Exchange Hotel, tour Hannan's North mine, view Superpit at Fimiston mine, tour Boulder and Kalgoorlie suburbs. Night tour of Langtree's bordello.
View Segment 3 - Days 11 to 16 - Kalgoorlie Day 4 to Perth then Dongara
Day 11 Friday
Kalgoorlie Day 4. Buy gold nugget necklace for Glenyce.
Day 12 Saturday 25/8/01 Kalgoorlie to Merredin, lunch near Bullabulling.
Day 13 Sunday 26/8/01 Merredin to Perth, morning tea at Meckering, lunch at Lake Leschenaultia, Chidlow, then in Perth at Karrinyup Waters Caravan Park.
Day 14 Monday 27/8/01 Perth Day 1. Tour Perth beaches, lunch at Fremantle Boat Harbour, arrange more car repairs.
Day 15 Tuesday 28/8/01 Perth Day 2. Car in dock, tour Perth city by train and bus. Tour Perth Mint, lunch in Hay St Mall, pick up car.
Day 16 Wednesday 29/8/01 Perth to Dongara/Port Denison via Gin-Gin, lunch at Eneabba.
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View Segment 4 - Days 17 to 21 - Dongara to Kalbarri Day 3
Day 17 Thursday 30/8/01 Dongara to Geraldton/Port Denison via Mingenew, Coalseam Conservation Reserve, Mullewa.
Day 18 Friday
Geraldton to Kalbarri via Greenough, Port Gregory, Hutt Lagoon.
Day 19 Saturday 1/9/01 Kalbarri Day 1. Tour town, enjoy tea at Finlay's Fish Barbecue.
Day 20 Sunday
Kalbarri Day 2. Tour Kalbarri Wildflower Centre.
Day 21 Monday
Kalbarri Day 3. Tour Rainbow Jungle parrot breeding centre, do tourist flight over Murchison River Gorges, estuary, ocean and coastline.
View Segment 5 - Days 22 to 27 - Kalbarri to Carnarvon Day 2
Day 22 Tuesday 4/9/01 Kalbarri to Shark Bay via Wannoo Billabong, Overlander Roadhouse, view stromatolites en route.
Day 23 Wednesday 5/9/01 Denham Day 1, tour Shark Bay, Monkey Mia, Little Lagoon, tea at a hotel in Denham.
Day 24 Thursday 6/9/01 Denham Day 2, enjoy the town.
Day 25 Friday
Denham to Carnarvon, via Shelly Beach, then North West Highway (blood-stained highway!).
Day 26 Saturday 8/9/01 Carnarvon Day 1. Tour town, Mile-long Jetty, tour plantations region.
Day 27 Sunday
Carnarvon Day 2. Tour Munro's Banana Plantation.
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View Segment 6 - Days 28 to 32 - Carnarvon to Exmouth then Coral Bay
Day 28 Monday 10/9/01 Carnarvon to Exmouth, via Minilya Roadhouse, to Light House Caravan Park near North Cape Range. Electrical problems.
Day 29 Tuesday 11/9/01 Exmouth Day 1. Vlamingh Head Light House, tour Exmouth.
Day 30 Wednesday 12/9/01 Exmouth Day 2. Awoke to news of New York Trade Centre attack, toured the North West Cape Range to Yardie Creek, Ningaloo Reef beaches, Milyering Visitor's Centre.
Day 31 Thursday 13/9/01 Exmouth Day 3. Bundegi Beach, drive and walk in dark to lighthouse and nearby beaches.
Day 32 Friday
Exmouth to Coral Bay. Ansett airlines collapse has serious effects on many travellers that we meet.
View Segment 7 - Days 33 to 40 - Coral Bay Day 1 to return to Perth
Day 33 Saturday 15/9/01 Coral Bay Day 1. glass-bottomed boat tour over coral reefs, and fish-feeding.
Day 34 Sunday 16/9/01 Coral Bay Day 2. Beach swim and dinner at a hotel, then a walk in the dark.
Day 35 Monday 17/9/01 Coral Bay to Carnarvon. The blood-stained highway again!
Day 36 Tuesday 18/9/01 Carnarvon to Kalbarri. Almost run out of petrol!
Day 37 Wednesday 19/9/01 Kalbarri to Western Flora Caravan Park (near Eneabba), via Northampton, Nabawa and Greenough. Evening nature tour at Western Flora Caravan Park with Alan Tinker.
Day 38 Thursday 20/9/01 Western Flora Caravan Park (near Eneabba) to Coorow, lunch at Carnamah, discover elusive Wreath Flowers at Perenjori.
Day 39 Friday
Coorow to Regan's Ford, via Green Head, Cervantes, Jurien Bay, The Pinnacles and Badgingarra.
Day 40 Saturday 22/9/01 Regan's Ford to Perth via Yanchep. Attack by Christmas Beetles. Travel via Guilderton, Yanchep, Two Rocks.
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View Segment 8 - Days 41 to 46 - Perth Day 1 to Perth Day 6
Day 41 Sunday 23/9/01 Perth Day 1. Hospital visit in Joondalup.
Day 42 Monday 24/9/01 Perth Day 2. Hillary's Boat Harbour.
Day 43 Tuesday 25/9/01 Perth Day 3. Involuntary tour to Fremantle and Perth southern suburbs, then King's Park wildflower display.
Day 44 Wednesday 26/9/01 Perth Day 4. Swan River cruise to Olive Farm winery near Guildford.
Day 45 Thursday 27/9/01 Perth Day 5. Visit Bill's older cousin Jim at Wanneroo, tea at Glenyce's relative at Como, tour King's Park for Perth night views.
Day 46 Friday
Perth Day 6. In heavy rain, tour Perth's western suburbs.
View Segment 9 - Days 47 to 52 - Perth Day 7 to Mandurah tour then to Bunbury
Day 47 Saturday 29/9/01 Perth Day 7. Tour to lunch at Araluen in heavy rain, again get lost in Perth's western suburbs.
Day 48 Sunday 30/9/01 Perth Day 8. Tour Swan River Valley regions, including Guildford antique shops.
Day 49 Monday 1/10/01 Perth to Mandurah. Via Kwinana, Garden Island, Rockingham, Safety Bay, Mandurah, Dawseville Cut, Yalgorup Eco Park.
Day 50 Tuesday 2/10/01 Mandurah Day 1. "Tram" tour of Mandurah, Peel Estuary.
Day 51 Wednesday 3/10/01 Mandurah Day 2. Dawseville, North Dandelup, Goldmine Hill, South Dandelup Dam, Pinjarra, Ravenswood.
Day 52 Thursday 4/10/01 Mandurah to Bunbury. Encounter dramatic car fire on side of the road, travel via Australind.
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View Segment 10 - Days 53 to 57 - Bunbury tour then to Margaret River then Walpole/Nornalup
Day 53 Friday
Bunbury touring day. Sold car fire photos to newspaper, tour Collie, Mumballup, Boyup Brook, Donnybrook.
Day 54 Saturday 6/10/01 Bunbury to the Margaret River region, via Busselton, Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse, Yallingup, Gracetown, Cowamarup.
Day 55 Sunday 7/10/01 Margaret River Day 1. Tour Augusta and Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse, Jewel Cave, Boyanup State Forest, Margaret River Venison Farm.
Day 56 Monday 8/10/01 Margaret River day 2. Lake Cave, Voyager Estate, Margaret River, Hemp Shop, cheese and chocolate shops.
Day 57 Tuesday 9/10/01 Margaret River to Walpole/Nornalup, via Karridale, Nannup, Pemberton.
View Segment 11 - Days 58 to 62 - Walpole Day 1 then to Albany Day 2
Day 58 Wednesday 10/10/01 Walpole/Nornalup Day 1. Giant Tingle Trees, Circular Pool.
Day 59 Thursday 11/10/01 Walpole/Nornalup Day 2. Denmark, Valley of the Giants, Tree Top Walk, The Hidden Kingdom, Scottsdale Tourist Road.
Day 60 Friday 12/10/01 Walpole/Nornalup to Albany via Willams Bay, Green Pool, Torbay.
Day 61 Saturday 13/10/01 Albany Day 1. Touring Albany's bays and lookouts: Mt Clarence, Mt Melville, Middleton Beach, Princess Royal Harbour, Mt Adelaide.
Day 62 Sunday 14/10/01 Albany Day 2. Stirling Ranges day tour; many wildflower photographs taken.
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View Segment 12 - Days 63 to 68 - Albany Day 3 to Wave Rock at Hyden
Day 63 Monday 15/10/01 Albany Day 3. Local coastal tour, The Gap, the Natural Bridge, the Blowhole.
Day 64 Tuesday 16/10/01 Albany Day 4. Doctor's appointment, windfarm, Whaleworld.
Day 65 Wednesday 17/10/01 Albany Day 5. Middleton Beach, Romance Sandalwood factory, car service, Chinese meal, our night scenic tour.
Day 66 Thursday 18/10/01 Albany to Bremer Bay, via Pallinup River. Bogged on the beach.
Day 67 Friday 19/10/01 Bremer bay to Wave Rock at Hyden, via Jerramungup, Lake Grace, Karlgarin wildflowers.
Day 68 Saturday 20/10/01 Wave Rock, Hyden touring day. Hippo's Yawn.
View Segment 13 - Days 69 to 75 - Hyden to Esperance Day 5
Day 69 Sunday 21/10/01 Wave Rock, Hyden to Hopetoun, via Varley, Lake King, Ravensthorpe. Tour of Fitzgerald National Park.
Day 70 Monday 22/10/01 Hopetoun to Esperance. Heavy rain and wind en route.
Day 71 Tuesday 23/10/01 Esperance Day 1. Grey day and rain. Recovery day.
Day 72 Wednesday 24/10/01 Esperance Day 2. More greyness and rain. Esperance museum - a gem!
Day 73 Thursday 25/10/01 Esperance Day 3. Esperance beaches, Pink Lake.
Day 74 Friday 26/10/01 Esperance Day 4. Bill at doctor's. Local drive to Gibson's Soak, Spedingup Flower Farm, Helm's Arboretum.
Day 75 Saturday 27/10/01 Esperance Day 5. Cape Le Grand National Park; Lucky Bay, Rossiter Bay, Thistle Cove, Hellfire Beach, Cape Le Grand Beach. Dinner at Thai restaurant, night drive to cure hiccups.
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View Segment 14 - Days 76 to 82 - Esperance Day 6 then across Nullarbor to Port Lincoln (SA)
Day 76 Sunday 28/10/01 Esperance Day 6. Esperance jetties.
Day 77 Monday 29/10/01 Esperance Day 7. Boat tour of Bay of Isles and Woody Island.
Day 78 Tuesday 30/10/01 Esperance to Balladonia via Salmon Gums, Norseman.
Day 79 Wednesday 31/10/01 Balladonia to Mundrabilla (Nullarbor Plain), via Caiguna, Cocklebiddy, Madura Pass, Hampton Tablelands.
Day 80 Thursday 1/11/01 Mundrabilla to Fowler's Bay (Eyre Peninsula, SA) via Eucla Pass, Bunda Cliffs, Head of Bight, Nullarbor, Yalata, Nundroo.
Day 81 Friday
Fowler's Bay to Elliston via Penong, Ceduna, Smoky Bay, Streaky Bay.
Day 82 Saturday 3/11/01 Elliston to Port Lincoln via Cummin's Lookout, Coffin Bay.
View Segment 15 - Days 83 to 89 - Touring Port Lincoln, then stages home to Melbourne
Day 83 Sunday 4/11/01 Port Lincoln touring day. Lookout, marina and jetties.
Day 84 Monday 5/11/01 Port Lincoln to Gladstone via Whyalla, Port Augusta, Germein Gorge, Laura, Gladstone.
Day 85 Tuesday 6/11/01 Gladstone to Mannum, via Georgetown, Clare, Kapunda, Nuriootpa, and Angaston.
Day 86 Wednesday 7/11/01 Mannum to Hall's Gap (Vic), via a Murray punt, Tailem Bend, Tintinara, Keith, Bordertown, Nhill, Pimpinio, Horsham.
Day 87 Thursday 8/11/01 Hall's Gap touring day. Wonderland Turntable, Grand Canyon, Sundial Turntable.
Day 88 Friday
Hall's Gap to Ballarat.
Day 89 Saturday 10/10/01 Ballarat to Melbourne via Daylesford, Lerderderg State Park, Myrniong.
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© William G. Leithhead 2006