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Brief Autobiography Here's my description of the significant stages in my life's journey so far. [1500 words]
Born in Perth, Western Australia, in 1938, as William Goyne Leithhead, I spent my first year in the small rural town of Carnamah before my parents moved to the WA mining town of Kalgoorlie, where I did my primary schooling. My father, Darcy William Leithhead, was the superintendent of the Vacuum Oil Company railway and fuel storage depot & terminal which supplied fuel and oil to the Goldfields. My mother played the piano for dances; she also played the piano accordion, and created advertising show-cards. more...

Impressions My first 'New-Age' style meditation and discussion group made quite an impression on me in 1990, as I commenced some of my more 'spiritual' explorations. This is something I wrote for them. [700 words]
In 1990 I went along to a New-Age weekly discussion group as I was engaged in an exploration of what might be called "spiritual" matters; not religious, but simply getting a handle on what might be regarded as transcendental experiences more...

And Then I Know 'Oceanic' feelings experienced during a group meditation. [550 words]
After I retired abruptly from my career due to illness in February 1988, I started to explore various forms of New Age spirituality. For about a year I attended a study group run by a man prominent among the Spiritualist movement in Melbourne ... This involved lectures, discussions, meditation and channeling more...

The Pagans at Carhenge Naked and wet amidst a tempest, and a stunning Pagan Parade. [1300 words]
I wrote this in 1991 after I attended an alternative lifestyle (hippy, if you like) gathering of about 9,000 people at a camping reserve near the little town of Walwa, just south of the Snowies, on the banks of the Murray River more...

An Account of My "Christos" Experience My meditation trip to another world, another life, another time. [2000 words]
Early in May, 1991, I spent a weekend with six others of my Cairnmillar group in a mobile home in Tocumwal, NSW. Amongst the shared events of that weekend was my experience on a Friday night of a unique procedure which the group leader, John Bevan, calls the "Christos Experience" from a book which described the altered state of consciousness which was induced in me as follows more...

Once In a Blue Moon Pain, turmoil, learning and wisdom come to me all night on New Year's Eve, 1990. [4000 words]
New Years Eve Midnight...Expectations...Rejection...Alienation...Turmoil..."Blue Moon"...Naked heart, naked body...Friendly Wilderness...Discovering Joy...Unique Offer...Healing Begins...Light Dawns...Rejuvenation...Coming Home more...

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