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Freshly edited starting from January, 2020, mainly to remove non-functioning links and introduce a few new interesting ones. Many, many more to come when I have the time and motivation to check out my big collection and format them. I write my code by hand.


Akiyoshi's Illusion Pages Web site with some absolutely stunning visual effects.
Highly recommended.
Optical illusions Wide range of illusions
Even more optical illusions. There's no end to them, is there?
An additional link to more excellent optical illusions, suggested by a young student, Chloe Heim, via her older sister, Josephine. Thanks for the suggestions, folks!
Testing Your Eye Health with Optical Illusions. I had no idea that there were so many Optical Illusions links when I started my web page!
This web page suggests links helpful for checking out the health of your vision, and was suggested by a young student, Alexa Boyd, suggested by her mother, Sarah Boyd. I think they live in the USA, and hope this gives all of her class some extra fun.
Optical Illusions and Car Driving Safety. This site has a quirky slant on the Role of Optical Illusions and Car Safety!
This unusual web site contains many other links to other sites on optical illusions and was suggested by a teacher, Keri Evans. who finds it valuable in teaching science.
Comedy Resources Ultimate Guide to Comedy Resources
General Humor and Comedy Resources; Comedy Writing Resources; Standup Comedy Resources; Joke Writing Resources; Comedy and Humor Podcast; Notable Comedians and Comedic Actors - and more and more!
Entertaining your Mind with Optical Illusions Yet another collated site with emphasis on optical illusions. NB: Some links are non-functional. Valuable site with a list of collected links to various web sites of optical illusions. Yet another web site kindly suggested to me by a clever group of after-school care children, this time from "The Granite State" of New Hampshire, USA.
Harmonizing Horses Click on each of the horses to turn on or off their harmonising.
Decorative Wall Art Optical Illusions Decorative Wall Art Optical Illusions
Miscellaneous collation of links to optical illusions and patterns in context of "wall tiles". This web site was kindly suggested to me by a clever group of after-school-care children, and their teacher, Courtney Phillips, whom I think are from El Paso County, Colorado, USA.
Colour Perception Illusions Intriguing colour illusions makes you doubt your vision.
Very good.
Sugar Bush Squirrel Hundreds of photos of a squirrel dressed up doing a multitude of things.
The trouble some people go to!
Kitchen Safety Guide An interesting and useful article about kitchen safety issues in relation to children.
Quite a timely and worthwhile article to read.
The Llama Song Catchy song with visuals about llamas.
Fortean library of bizarre images Always interesting.
The Fortean Society has been publishing these things for many years.
Chris Jordan - photographic arts Intriguing and fascinating art made out of large numbers of every-day objects.
Worth a good look. Don't forget to zoom in!
Fireworks - Images Computer-generated light and sound fireworks show.
Very clever!
The Original Jesus Dressup Enables you to move cutout clothes onto Jesus on the cross.
Could annoy some people.
The Urine Cure and other curious medical treatments
Feeling week and ill, he recalled the Bible proverb, "Drink waters out of thine own cistern," and began a strict regimen of fasting on his own urine and tap water for a period of 45 days. After breaking the fast, he ate cautiously and continued to drink his urine. The treatment proved to be his deliverance, as he gained weight and saw his energy restored and his skin rejuvenated. He became convinced of the healing properties of urine. And he's not alone. The history of drinking urine for therapeutic purposes dates back at least to the Holy Roman Empire when great urinal troughs were erected in the public squares of each city-state for residents to both contribute to, and benefit from.
How to spin a pencil around your thumb Another idle pastime.
Part of the site WikiHow
Stopped-engine aerobatics Old documentary featuring a WW2 veterant and a twin engine aircraft.
Amazing flying.
WikiHow The "how-to" manual edited by the viewers.
Loads of interesting stuff.
How to use a Japanese style toilet Looks jolly awkward to me.
No good for a wonky knee!
Weasel Balls These are a novelty toy. I've seen them in a shop my suburb.
Very clever, actually. Here's a video of a kitten playing with one.
Lorem Ipsum Explains the origin of the phrase.
Web site explaining the origin of the Latin text often encountered when dealing with software that's explaining things like html and graphics layout.
Operation Clambake Exposing the secrets of Scientology
That's if you care.
The Practical Joker's Handbook For annoying people who like practical jokes.
I have a personal aversion to practical jokes because they are not funny but juvenile and disrespectful, but here is a long list of suggestions.
Things to do with recycled CDs Part of a recycling suggestions site.
I don't have that many to spare.
Recycling suggestions Long list of links to recycling suggestions
Honestly, I'm not sure I care that much.
Childish stunts with your body and such-like. Wonderfully interesting site with all sorts of zany and interesting suggestions!
I'm getting a bit old for this.
SIRC Guide to flirting Social Issues Research Centre publication
Don't think I need this any more.
Kissing Techniques Found in a web site called Romance Class.
Explore the whole thing!
Dictionary of slang Mainly for the UK.
There are many slang dictionaries on the web, and many links in here go to them.
Snap-dragon party game A party game with flaming raisins.
Never heard of it, but saw it in a Poirot film.
Sniggle The culture jammer's encyclopedia.
Whatever that means!
Sorry Everybody Web site apologizing for the GW Bush government turns to Hello Everybody when Obama is elected.
Always intrigued by US politics.
Steve Aylett quotes List of quotations from an interesting man.
Worth a look.
To Fly is Everything... A virtual museum covering the invention of the aeroplane
Many of the links, etc., fail
Don Herbison-Evans Personal Web Site
Very interesting personal web site of a man with a PhD in physics, interests in computing, dancing (especially), and many other things. Well worth while.
The Really Big Button That Doesn't Do Anything
Welcome to the most unusual artifact to be discovered on the Superhighway de la Informatique : the really big button that doesn't do anything. Developed in early '94, labelled as the Mystery Spot of the Internet, thousands flock to this button every day, pushing it, attempting to get it to do something; all in vain.
The Official Red Button Appreciation Page The Official Red Button Appreciation Page
Yet more on the Red Button.
The Restored Church of the Star Goat ®
The Restored Church of the Star Goat is a serious atheist religion with members mostly located in the United States though there are many members in Canada, Mexico, and a few in Holland. The Skeptic Tank Chairman is an officially ordained minister with the Church.
In praise of the devil An essay on the usefulness of the concept of "the devil".     NOTE: This is NOT Satanism!    
Sure to annoy the religious.
Two more spin-offs from this topic. Many links are quite old or dead, but possibly worthwhile!
Alexander Chislenko public page
The Church of the Subgenius
The Skeptic Tank -- Extraordinary Claims Require Extraordinary Evidence
This web site is dedicated to the scientific investigation of claims of the paranormal with side issues in to the critical examination of the consequences of unreason. It contains a plenitude of material on all aspects on many religions and beliefs systems. Highly recommended.
The Webtender: Drinking Games.
Collation of drinking games with varying degrees of destructiveness - also called buzz factor!
The Bartender's Handbook - Table of Contents.
Just what it says - all about setting up and running a bar.
The Gentleman's Cleaning Brush Male Hygiene
For brushing a penis clean, whatever that means.
Jokes, hoaxes and pranks collection
For those that are interseted in these things.
Undergarments - Wikipedia entry
All about the history and practice of underwear.
The Voluntary Human Extinction Movement “May we live long and die out”.
Thank you for not breeding.
Collapse The analysis of the collapse of civilization.
Tells how it will be if we don't do something about it.
We Love the Iraqi Information Minister
This site is a coalition effort of bloodthirsty hawks and ineffectual doves united in admiration for Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf, Iraqi Minister of Information (currently on administrative leave).
Dr. Cliff Pickover's Site A scientest/mathematician from IBM explores expanding knowledge.
Finding new ways to continually expand creativity by melding art, science, mathematics, and other seemingly disparate areas of human endeavor. Although some links just flog books, others lead to interesting reading and visuals. Might suit your taste.
Extracts from the Meaning of Liff A List of Liffs
These place names are matched with meanings that don't yet have words of their own, usually with very humorous results.
Tom Cruise is Nuts dot com
Ladies and gentlemen, Tom Cruise has tossed off the shackles of Hollywood oppression and is piloting his Scientology-fueled funny car straight towards you. The tyres are smoking and he's screaming to the stands about Katie, psychiatry, sex, space aliens, and Brooke Shields. We invite you to grab some popcorn and watch for a few minutes before the crash... Mistranslations.
Collection of products where the translation from Chinese or Japanese doesn't quite work.
Worth1000 Home
Worth1000 is the top creative contest site in the world. Every day we run lots of creative competitions of all types, including Effects contests (otherwise known as photochop or photoshop contests), photography contests, illustration contests, writing contests and more forms of multimedia.
The Official Site Of "The Lawn Chair Pilot"
Story of a man who tethered helium balloons to an aluminium chair and went up to 16,000 feet, then landed OK.
Engrish - Wikipedia
Examples of mistaken Japanese and other Asian misusages of English.
Rome Reborn Flying over Rome.
A digital model of ancient Rome, where the viewer flies over the city. Highly recommended. The best links are right down the page.
Chromatism The work of Ned May
Chromatism is a discipline which lies at the confluence of mathematics and art. There are many interesting links to follow up!
The geometry junkyard
Many differeent things to look at if you're of a geometrical bent.
Viz Comic online
FEATURING Letterbocks, Fat Slags, Top Tips, Jack Black, Profanisaurus, Finbarr Saunders, Drunken Bakers, Suicidal Syd, Tinribs PLUS NOT MUCH MORE!INCLUDING THE FREE PREVIEW STRIP: Buster Gonad. Up to you if you want to follow it up!!
Society for Creative Anachronism - Re-creating the arts and skills of pre-17th-century Europe, and role-playing them.
Is an international living history group with the aim of studying and recreating mainly Medieval European cultures and their histories before the 17th century.
Grand Illusions Shop-front Page - Homepage
The site for the enquiring mind. There are new and amazing toys in the Toy Collection, all with video clips to show them in action, and a unique collection of toys you can buy in the Toy Shop.Try the sample videos of some of the toys in action. I like the butterfly.
Grand Illusions Page - Optical Illusions
Your brain tells you one thing, you eyes tell you another...!
mental_floss magazine Where Knowledge Junkies Get Their Fix
Wide range of very interesting things to explore!
Orisinal : Morning Sunshine
A collation of cute games. I'm not into games, but these are OK.
Ashleigh Brilliant This man is a genius
He has this marvellous collection of thoughts and drawings. Recommended.
Badger Badger! The Original Dancing Badgers! Pretty bizarre, really. What gets into people?
While you're looking at the dancing badgers, try the brain training exercises.
Communications From Elsewhere
Example of a totally opaque piece of post-modernist rambling that was actuallly generated by a piece of software called The Postmodernism Generator. NOTE: You obtain a different essay each time you refresh the page (F5).
Computer stupidities
Extensive collection of phone conversations by a computer help desk with dense customers. Hilarious!
Toilet ring
The Toilet WebRing is composed of sites celebrating, through art, humor, education, and plumbing, one of the worlds finest modern conveniences: the toilet. Scroll down the page for interesting sites.
Vogon Poetry
Strange Vogon poetry from a blog in honour of the release of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.
Supposing we had annoying child distress flares
Article in The Guardian blog by someone expressing his white-hot hatred of children. Pretty funny, but true.
Heartless Bitches International
Despite the statements of some of our more Bitter Heartless Bitches, Heartless Bitches International is NOT about Man-Hating. We don't discriminate against stupidity, arrogance, irresponsibility, bloated egos, or immaturity on the basis of gender.
Babysue Web Site
Rather vulgar US site with "Comics, Poems, Fables & Reviews".
How to not suck I'm trying hard!
I am here to relieve the world of human stupidity. This Is How To Not Suck. I hate these things - read on. Couldn't agree more.
Ig Nobel Prize Wikipedia
The Ig Nobel Prizes are an American parody of the Nobel Prizes and are given each year in early October for ten unusual or trivial "achievements" in scientific research.
Foamy the squirrel videos
Very amusing, but obscene - not safe for work. Something's wrong with my brain because I can't understand the squirrel's speech.
Imaginary Girlfriends Find Your New Imaginary Girlfriend Today!
National Do Not Spam Registry
Note: this is not real. Read the opt-in preferences.
Pee-wee Hermans' site
Very curious.
Ogling breasts makes your healthier Really??
The site gives this away. It's the Snopes site for urban myths. It is not true. The premium portal place for passionately purple pointless websites...
Some might even say that of me.
Sound Sleeping Sounds Very nice sounds - try it!
The free relaxing music and nature sounds on this website have been carefully chosen for their ability to aid sleep, reduce stress, and provide a relaxing atmosphere for activities such as yoga, tai-chi, and meditation.
Get your virginity back! That's if you want to.
This offers you a method. Read for details.
Stupid computer tricks Photos showing abused computers.
From a computer repair service workroom. Unbelievable!
The Goon Show Scripts
Dozens of the original scripts, if you're a fan, which I am.
The Pornolizer
Type any URL into the white window and press the button. It will translate the text on the web site into Porn language. Not work-safe.
The Specious Report Fake press reports on made-up topics.
There's a list to flip though. Mildly amusing in an American way.
The Very Last Page On the Internet
Do what it says!
The Woad Ode from Wikipedia
A famous comic song apparently sung by some boy scout troupes. Mildly amusing in an English sort of way.
A site with excellent collections of bawdy songs and humour, and also pagan humour. Don't let anyone look over your shoulder at work.
B3TA WE LOVE THE WEB Very zany news-oriented site
which I find hard to fathom.
Online resources for teachers.
Worth a look, unless you've had all motivation completely knocked out of you by the system.
Public Restroom Standard Operating Procedure (PRSOP). From Craigs-List.
Describes in great detail how to clean a public lavatory, use it, and clean afterwards. Don't ask me why!
best-of-craigslist for Washington DC.
NOTE: postings may be explicitly sexual, scatological, offensive, graphic, tasteless, and/or not funny.   

Eclectic list of typically Craig's List stuff. Curious.
Spencer Tunick's web site Unique web site.  Teacher Alert!
Spencer Tunick specializes in travelling the world, and pursuading thousands of normal people to strip naked and arrange themselves in patterns of flesh pink for his unique photographs.
How To Do Things With Four-Letter Words A study of the semantics of swearing in Australia.   Teacher Alert!   
At least it's Australian.
'my body' - a Wunderkammer & (Shelly Jackson) A woman's musing on all parts of her body.  Teacher Alert!
Worth a look.
Nudity - from the Free Dictionary Quite a long article on the topic of nudity.  Teacher Alert!
Nudity always intrigues me. Very confronting material!    Severe Teacher and Workplace Alert!   
The soft white underbelly of the net, eviscerated for all to see: Rotten dot com collects images and information from many sources to present the viewer with a truly unpleasant experience. Not work-safe.

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