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Photographs are grouped in approximately monthly order.

Birthdays, January 2010. From L: Pat Argue, Judee Horin, Ken Forbes, Katie King-Best (dec.).
Musical duo "Blue Tango"; Dave Richard (guitar & vocals) and Lynne Gough (vocals & percussion), with Alan Richards on drums. January, 2010.
Annie Smith (voc) and Bobby Vinnard, renowned pianist, organist and entertainer, January, 2010.
Popular double bass player, David Taylor, January, 2010.
L to R: Barrie Boyes, Ken Forbes, David Taylor, Don Schade (guitar), Howard Rowe. January, 2010.
Singer Harry Edelstein, Jan, 2010.
Jam Session; L to R: Barrie Boyes, Ken Forbes, Colin Garrett, Judee Horin, Annie Smith, Lynne Gough, Katie King-Best (dec.). Jan. 2010.
Vocal Jam: L to R: Annie Smith, Lynne Gough and Katie King-Best (dec.) harmonize, backed by David Taylor on bass and Howard Rowe on drums, and others off picture. Jan. 2010.
Birthdays, Feb, 2010. From L: Judee Horin, Pamela Rowe, Dave Richard, Don Crawford, plus Pippa Wilson in front.
Caryl Bowen Perry tells a joke. Feb. 2010.
Don Crawford performs a magic trick, helped by Sheila Whitson, Feb, 2010.
Bill Leithhead's "Jazz Travellers", from L: Bill, David Taylor, Howard Rowe, Annie Smith (voc), Colin Garrett. Feb, 2010.
Pianist/vocalist John Hoare sings and plays in his inimitable energetic style. Feb. 2010.
Notable vocalist Pippa Wilson sings, accompanied by (from L) Lisette Payet, David Taylor, Howard Rowe (near pillar) and Barrie Boyes. Feb. 2010.
From L: Guest alto saxophonist, Harold Jefta, (currently resident in Sweden), plus alto sax player and owner of famed jazz club Dizzys, Roger Clark, Feb., 2010.
Ivan Videky (dec.), electric bassist, April 2010.
Birthdays, April 2010. From L: Judee Horin, Ken Forbes (seated), Annie Smith, Katie King-Best (dec.), John Hoare, Thea Boyes and Glenyce Leithhead.
Howard Rowe, percussionist extraordinaire, with his authentic wash-board for that "trad jazz" sound, April, 2010.
Jack Morris and his excellent guest singing group, 'The Nymphs', April, 2010.
Well-known Pianist Neville Turner in full flight as he describes and explains the music that he plays. April, 2010.
Pat Argue, long-time club member with a stellar career behind her as an ice skater and entrepreneur.
Vocalist Sheila Whitson singing some of the songs she loves, with saxophonist Barrie Boyes backing her up. April, 2010.
Vocalist Anne Hayres backed by (from L) Bill Leithhead, David Taylor and Colin Garrett. May, 2010.)
May birthdays, 2010, from L: Pat Argue, Rick Litchfield, Don Crawford.
Vocalist/instrumental duo "Blue Tango"; Lynne Gough, Dave Richard, May, 2010.
Door prizes, May, 2010: From L; Don Crawford, Bobby Vinnard, unknown visitor.
Gigi Hellmuth and Don Crawford, May 2010.
Judee Horin, singer/pianist, May, 2010.
Judee Horin and Don Crawford, May, 2010.
Pamela Rowe (far R) singing with front line Barrie Boyes (sax) and Ken Forbes (tpt), May, 2010.
Highly experienced drummer, Alan Richards, with David Taylor, bassist, June. 2010..
Vocalist Sheila Whitson, with (from L) David Taylor, Colin Garrett, Barrie Boyes. June, 2010.
Much in demand reeds player, Barrie Boyes, June 2010.
Birthdays, June, 2010: Pat Argue, Franco Vitiello, Gigi Hellmuth.
Comedian David Argue, June, 2010.
David Argue, entertainer, with Judee Horin on piano, june, 2010.
Door prizes, from L: Pat Argue, Judee Horin, Gigi Hellmuth, and Lisette Payet, June, 2010.
Versatile, experienced percussionist Howard Rowe, June, 2010.
Popular, experienced pianist Ray Haynes, June, 2010.
Piano player Bill Leithhead, July, 2010.
Bobby Vinnard, veteran pianist, organist, singer, comedian, and all-round entertainer.
Incoming committee, from L: Judee Horin, Gigi Hellmuth, Bill Leithhead, Colin Garrett, Lynne Gough, Dave Richard (at rear), Pat Argue and Alan Richards.
Lisette Payet, vocalist and pianist, always pleases her audiences, no matter what language she sings in! Juy, 2010.
Singalong from song sheets. From L: Sheila Whitson, Colin Garrett, Pat Argue, Caryl Bowen Perry. July, 2010.
Vocalist Animari Clyde transported by the song. Aug. 2010.
Gigi Hellmuth and Judee Horin manage 'The Draw' to decide playing positions for the items on the club night. August, 2010.
Howard Rowe playing his keyboard, providing the backing tracks for items involving himself and wife Pamela. August, 2010.
Janet Arndt sings, backed by drummer Howard Rowe. August, 2010.
Popular entertainer John Hoare sings and plays his keyboard. August, 2010.
Judee Horin letting herself go, Scottish style. August, 2010.
Pamela Rowe sings, ably backed on synthesizer by hubby Howard. August, 2010.
Vincent O'Connor's pianist Christine (surname not recorded). August 2010.
Chanteuse Animari Clyde, accompanied by David Taylor, bass, and Trevor Quigley, guitar. Nov, 2010.
Vocalist Annie Smith, explicating her subject matter, as she is wont to do. Nov. 2010.
David Taylor (bass), Ken Forbes (voc/tpt), Bob Casley (tenor sax). Nov. 2010.
Master magician Don Crawford with his magic wand, which floats in space with no obvious means of support. Nov. 2010.
Magician Don Crawford, again, with his floating magic wand, which in this picture appears to be embedded into someone's bald head! Nov. 2010.

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