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Cairns slide show attempts via various software, hosted in Vimeo hosting site
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These videos were made for friends who wanted to see some of the pictures from our Cairns, Qld. caravan trip, mid-winter, 2016.

NOTE 1: The photography is by Glenyce and Bill Leithhead, during August, 2016. The first 3 links are to collations of still shots merged into video formats by myself using Corel VideoStudio. The following 3 links are to similar collations of single photographs but using a simpler software packsage containeed within the Corel Video packa, and called Fastflick. It only offers ready-made templates, which, unfirtunately, they have chosen to scatter their brand name throughout the final video. I offer these in here, just as an example.

NOTE 2: I spent a lot of time trialling ways of creating and hosting this sort of video madeup from still shots, with limited success. I have much more to learn. In particular, I found out that attempting to host the large resulting video files leads to (a) Very long upload times. (b) Unsatisfactory results when I trialled viewing them from two of my Internet Cloud sites, namely Microsoft's "One Drive" and Google's "Google Drive". I think I need to install special viewing software, OR pay higher subscriptions for better streaming speeds.

NOTE 3: The only satisfactory site so far is Vimeo, in which I have a plus membership. That is what I use here. I am sure that i could use YouTube as well, but with less control.

I need to experiment more, but only when I have more time available.

Cairns 2016 Cape Tribulation Bus Tour (img 1) (Oscar Peterson music)

Fitzroy Island and then Cairns Market - with classical music

Fitzroy Isl and then Cairns Market, with music.

Cape Tribulation Bus Tour 2016 slide-merge movie via Corel FastFlick

Cape Trib Bus Tour shots via Corel FastFlicks_720px


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