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I find myself embarrassed by riches, that is, today we’ve taken a lot of good images, just like yesterday, and although they’re in the laptop, I’m /we’re just too fatigued to make the image suitable for use in this blog.

This is contrary to my initial aims, but I have to recognise the inevitable onset of physical and mental barriers contrary to my aims. My apologies, dear reader – or even, for all my hopes, dear readers!

Summary: Today we travelled from Lightning Ridge through Hebel, where we lunched and photographed a quaint 120-yo pub, and café. No, we hadn’t heard of Hebel, either. It’s worth a visit. It also had a children’s play area with astro-turf under the swings. Get this, dear reader: some individual had deposited a classically-coiled turd directly under those swings! I reported it to the shop/café, and she said she’d get the council or someone she knew onto cleaning it up. I don’t know about you, but I just can’t get into the head of someone who does that. The shop lady said “You’d be surprised what happens around here – some people have no pride in their community or themselves!”

Anyway, off through Dirribandi (got fuel there), then off to stay overnight in our caravan in St. George, which is distinguished by having the Balonne River, which feeds into the Darling, so who’s waters ultimately empty into the sea in South Australia via the Murray-Darling Basin. St. George is also distinguished by being probably the most regularly flooded town in Australia! In 2012 the town was evacuated for a week.

But they do a lot of fishing here, and have competitions, and catch huge Murray Cod, as well as bloody carp. Tomorrow driving 236 km north through Roma to Injune. No, I hadn’t ever heard of it, either, but it does have a caravan park, and enables us to drive on Saturday through the Carnarvon Gorge area, which is pretty spectacular, and then up towards Emerald, which is a gateway to Rockhampton, on the Tropic of Capricorn, and on the coast of the Great Barrier Reef.

Catch you later!!!

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