Still CPAPPing OK.

I’m persisting with a new CPAP mask I  bought from a hospital after a sleep lab night, where they said I needed 15 cmH2O pressure to control my sleep apnoea. Its a Fisher & Paykel nose and mouth mask, and feels quite different after 13 years of my old nose mask.

I’ve increased the pressure gradually from 9 cmH2O to 10 cmH2O, and it seems quite strong.

But I’m persisting, trying to find how best to seat the mask on my face. AND I’m drugging myself with 2 Temazepam nightly, or one Temazepam plus a Valium (Diazepam) as well.

The sedatives help to keep me asleep until I get used to it.

I cannot see any way that I could use 15 cmH2O pressure. It just blows out of the mask onto my face! Most unsatisfactory state of affairs.

Perhaps the pressure indicator on my old Remstar Plus is not  calibrated correctly. That means I traipse over to Brighton  to have it checked out. Worth while to do before I launch off into Tassie, I guess. I’ll phone them up.

Goodnight, sparse readers, if any at all!

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Hello and welcome from Bill and Glenyce Leithhead,  from Glen Waverley, SE suburb of cosmopolitan Melbourne, capital of the state of Victoria, Australia. This ‘sticky’ Header was used in 2016 as part of a Blog, recording our caravan journey as a round trip from Melbourne to Cairns and back, from July 13th, to between the middle and the end of September. We aimed to escape the cold southern winter into the warmth of the tropical northern Queensland dry season, and to see more of this wonderful country of ours. It was an excellent trip, but too tiring to keep up the Travel Blog, so I ditched it.  But I’ve left this part in.
And so our lives continue on … we both turn 80 in 2018, but try to keep going in the face of arthritis and other challenges to our well-being ….

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We’re still packing our van for the trip to Cairns!

us and our car and caravan setup
Ourselves standing next to our 50-year old Viscount Ambassador caravan, 2010 Ford station sedan and awning, flooring and bits and pieces. It suits us fine!

Here we are on Monday 11th July, and we’re still leisurely doing odd jobs before the final rush of packing the van. we’ve done many long trips in it, so we’ve got our packing routine down pretty pat. The fridge is on, most of our clothing is in, and all sorts of books, medications, computer equipment and camera doodads are inside the house, because we pack them just before leaving.